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GoldenTyre GT523X Rear Tire ,

The GT 523X rear tire is our most desired extreme enduro tire made with our famous X compound (aka “gummy” compound). This compound offers unbeatable traction in the most difficult and challenging terrain found on planet earth.  The lightweight, flexible carcass with reinforced shoulder provides a large contact surface and good shock-absorption. This tire is better equipped for harder terrain with its larger contact lug pattern. Due to this tire’s extreme flexibility we recommend the use of our X-Mousse Inserts to prevent pressure failure. This tire is also FIM approved.

The X-Products series have been tested and proven to win by the world’s best extreme enduro riders.  In the 2015 RedBull Hard Enduro series, our X-Products were used by the winner of every race including Erzberg Rodeo, The Tough One, Romaniacs,  Sea to Sky, Hells Gate and 111 Megawatt.

MOU1001 140/18

GOC3670 HD

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